ShearwaterSanoyas Hishino Meisho Corp. has completed the SHEARWATER (HN: 1260) for Forester Shipping S.A. at the Mizushima Works and Shipyard. The cargo ships from this series have a cargo hold capacity of 4.35 million cubic feet (about 123,000m3), suitable to transport wood chips. This vessel is the first vessel of this class and is one of the largest wood chip carrier with flush deck developed by Sanoyas. Six cargo holds are arranged along the centerline, and the living quarters and the engine room are located aft. Cargo holds and structural members are appropriately designed to facilitate loading and unloading of wood chips. Wood chips, which have low density, require larger cargo hold capacity than conventional bulk cargo. Therefore, the SHEARWATER has a greater depth than the bulk carrier of the same deadweight tonnage class. Sanoyas adopts the proven energy saving device “S.T.F” (Sanoyas tandem fin) on this vessel to take effective environmental measures.

Shearwater chip carrierIncreased propulsion efficiency and decreased fuel consumption are achieved which contribute to CO2 reduction. Additionally, the newly developed High Lift Rudder Form patented) provides better maneuverability in comparison to the conventional rudder form. This rudder can reduce rudder area attributed to high lift force compared to the conventional one. Small rudder size also contributes to reduction of frictional resistance. Cargo-handling installations include a 975t/h chip unloader, three cranes, four hoppers, and a main belt conveyor. The cranes of cargo ships from this class and hoppers are mounted on the upper deck between the cargo holds, and the belt conveyor is laid on the cargo deck covering the full length. A shuttle conveyor is installed at the bow section to transport wood chips to a shore facility. Specific considerations are taken with the chip-handling equipment to unload wood chips smoothly. Each cargo hold uses a hydraulic-drive folding type hatch cover, reported MarNews. The main engine is a low-speed, long-stroke, 2-cycle diesel engine that can achieve improved fuel consumption, and the engine room meets the requirements for unattended engine operation. The engine was introduced in this model of vessels, but actually it is projected to be used in newly built cruise ships in Asia.

Principal particulars:
L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d:209.99m x 204.00m x 37.00m x 22.85m x 12.029m (summer)
DWT/GT: 64,533t/49,720
Cargo hold capacity: 123,618m3 (4,365,558ft3) (grain)
Main engine: MAN B&W 6S50MC-C diesel x 1 unit
MCR: 9,480kW
Speed, service: about 14.6kt
Classification: NK
Complement: 28
Completion: Sept. 5, 2008