Ocean Wealth

Ocean WealthThe bulk carrier Ocean Wealth was completed in Imabari Shipyard in January 2012. The vessel is double hull carrier, owned by the Panama’s company Diamond Camellia SA. The ship is built according to the latest IMO standards and following the best practices of the Asia Shipbuilding. The overall length of Ocean Wealth is 179.97 m, while the registered length between perpendiculars is 173.00 m. The beam of the bulk carrier is 29.80 m, the depth is 15.00 m and the summer draft is 10.54 m. The ship definitely is not impressing with size and dimensions, but the improved cargo spaces and the modern engineering are making the ship really interesting. The deadweight of the bulk carrier is 38,243 DWT, while the gross tonnage is 23,264 GRT. The vessel has 5 cargo holds, which have top side fuel tanks. Definitely this is increasing the stability and decrease rolling of the ship is heavy sea.

Ocean Wealth shipThe vessel is suitable to carry heavy cargoes, such as coal, ore and steel, but also can carry grain and bales. The bulk carrier has large hatches and wide tank top areas without bilge tanks. The cargo holds are optimized to have better ability for loading and discharging and larger capacity. The hatch covers are designed in folding type, driven by electro-hydraulic system. Also on the deck of the bulk carrier Ocean Wealth are installed four cargo cranes, which allow the ship to be loaded and discharged in ports with low capacity cargo handling equipment. The width of the hatches is over 20.00 m, which facilitates handling of large and extra-large cargoes. The improved cargo spaces and the modern equipment allow the ship to have profitable and reliable operations all over the world.

The engineering of the bulk carrier Ocean Wealth is really powerful and reliable. The main engine of the ship is MAKITA-MITSUI modification of MAN B&W 6S46MC-C, which has total output power of 10,535 hp at 129 rpm. The powerful engine and the improved propulsion system allow the ship to reach service speed of 14.7 knots. The engine is designed to be environmental and economy, with developments about energy saving. The Hybrid Fin device is special innovation of Imabari Shipyard, which is installed on the fore edge of the rudder, which high decrease the fuel consumption and uses the water power to contribute energy. The vessel Ocean Wealth is really modern, introducing the latest developments of the shipbuilding and marine engineering. The increased high of the fuel tanks and the double hull construction increase the safety and the stability of the vessel. The shipbuilders also installed FO shifter as a fuel oil heating system, which will avoid damage of the cargoes and will keep the fuel in best temperature condition.

The bulk carrier Ocean Wealth is property of the maritime transport company Diamond Camellia SA and registered under the IMO number 9604809, MMSI 373208000 and call sign 3EYP6.

Principal particulars
L x B x D x d: 179.97m x 29.80m x 15.00m x 10.54m
DWT/GT: 38,243 / 23,264
Main Engine: MAN B&W 6S46MC-C
Power: 10,535 hp at 129 rpm
Speed: 14.7 kts