Gudrun Maersk

Gudrun MaerskGudrun Maersk is container carrier, operated and owned by Maersk Like. The vessel is large and built in 2005 by Odense Steel Shipyard in Denmark, designed according to the latest IMO standards and marine engineering. The vessel is high efficient and profitable with quality engineering and large capacity. Gudrun Maersk has deadweight of 115,700 DWT, gross tonnage of 97,933 GRT and maximum capacity 8,500 TEU. The length of container ship is 367.00 m, beam is 43.00 m and maximum draft is 11.50 m. With these measurements the vessel is in class Panamax, and this is very important for the routes it is making. The voyages that Gudrun Maersk is making last year are from Far East to Europe and North America. That is why this class is very important. So big ship, which needs a big speed needs of strong engine. The one that is installed on the vessel Gudrun Maersk is MAN B&W 10K90MC, which is giving to the vessel a full power of 61,285 hp at 94 rpm.

Gudrun Maersk is large and effective container carrier. The ship was the largest one, just some month ago, but after building of Emma Maersk, it lost the first place. The port of registry of the vessel is Svenborg, and the ship is sailing under the flag of Denmark. The ship has 5 sister-ships – Giertrud Maersk, Gerd Maersk, Grete Maersk, Gunvor Maersk and Georg Maersk. The ships are well known for all people interested in sailing and their last one was the longest ship is the family of Maersk, before building of Emma Maersk. But that is all about the family of Maersk Company. In fact the company own 5200 ships, and has the largest container fleet in the world.

Principal particulars
Length: 367 m
Beam: 43m
Deadweight: 115,700 DWT
Capacity: 8,500 TEU
Year: 2005
Speed: 24 kn
Engine: MAN B&W 10K90MC
Power: 61,285 hp