Elsa S

Elsa SElsa S is modern and high-efficient G-Series Panamax bulk carrier, built by Japan Marine United Corporation at their Maizuru shipyard in August 2015. The G-Series Panamax bulk carrier has succeeded in dramatic reduction of fuel oil consumption by using various and comprehensive measures for energy-saving, so that GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission can be considerably reduced. The G-Series Panamax bulk carrier Elsa S has larger deadweight and cargo hold capacity suitable for carrying grain, bulk coal and iron ore in its 7 cargo holds, and has been developed with the expertise and vast experience of Japan Marine United Corporation. The SSD (Super Stream Duct) and SURF-BULB (Swept-back Up-thrusting Rudder Fin with Bulb) are equipped fore and aft of the propeller, respectively, to improve the propulsion performance. Furthermore, the unique bow shape of the LEADGE Bow can reduce the added resistance due to waves and the well-refined shape of the superstructure has low wind resistance.

Besides the above, compliance with the fuel oil tank protection rules and MARPOL NOx tier-II for the main engine and provision of a ballast water treatment system make the vessel more environmentally friendly. To ensure the safety and maintenance of the vessel, CSR (Common Structural Rules) for bulk carriers and PSPC (Performance Standard for Protective Coatings) for ballast water tanks are applied.

Principal particulars
L (o.a.) x B (mld) x D (mld) x d (mld): 229.0m x 32.26m x 20.0m x 14.45m
DWT/GT: 80,800 / 43,291
Main engine: MAN B&W 6S60ME-C
Speed: 14.5 kts