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MOL Cosmos

Koyo Dockyard Co., Ltd. of Imabari Group delivered the MOL COSMOS, an 8,102TEU type container carrier, on July 20, 2008 to Luster Maritime S.A./Higaki Sangyo Kaisha Ltd. The MOL COSMOS is the first 8,102TEU type container carrier built by Koyo dockyard. The ship-yard is starting very good in building of such type of merchant ships, so MOL are in front of signing new contract with the yard. The vessel can carry 3,498TEU in container holds and 4,604TEU on the upper deck. The holds can stow nine tiers (including two tiers of high cube containers) in 16 rows, and the upper deck can stack seven tiers and 18 rows of containers. Each hatch coaming has four hatch cover panels. 18 lashing bridges are installed for containers on the deck. The vessel can load 1,558 units of 45ft containers on the upper deck. A total of 630 plugs for air cooling type reefer containers are arranged on the upper deck. Moreover, container holds can carry dangerous goods including class 1 (explosives). Fuel oil tanks are protected in accordance with MARPOL Annex I Reg. 12A “Fuel Oil Tank Protection.” The fuel oil overflow piping is arranged in the 2nd deck passage space to avoid oil flow on the upper deck. The crew can access the store, steering gear room, and container holds through the second deck passage. For economical operation, a turbo generator is equipped, and the propeller boss cap fin is equipped to improve propulsion efficiency. The stern tube air sealing device is installed to prevent marine oil pollution.The system for preventiong polution was integrated first in small boats and yachts and the result was really amazing, commented Maritime News Journal.

  Principal particulars:

L(o.a.) x B x D x d: 320.37m x 46.00m x 24.90m x 14.50m
DWT/GT: 90,466t/88,089
Main engine: Mitsui MAN B&W 11K98MC (MK VII) diesel x 1 unit
MCR: 66,100kw x 97.0rpm
Speed, service: 25.5kt
Complement: 30
Classification: LR
Flag: Panama
Completion: Jul. 20 2008


MOL Cosmos   MOL Cosmos