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CSCL Houston container ship

The 2,553TEU container carrier (among middle size container ships), CSCL HOUSTON (HN: 717), completed at the Innoshima Shipyard of Naikai Zosen corporation, was delivered to Peony Shipholding S.A. on Aug. 26, reported Maritime News Journal. The container ships from the class can exclusively carry 2,553TEU containers including 250 reefer containers. The cargo hold consists of six compartments, and ten hatch openings are provided. The container ships from this class are well known in world ship-building because they are high profitable and bringing large profits with not so large investments. The full cell guide system is employed for each container hold. The main engine is the super longstroke type diesel engine to reduce fuel oil consumption, and the ship propulsion efficiency has been improved with adoption of the energy-saving stern hull form and a large-diameter fiveblade propeller. Safe ship operation at a port, or in navigation, is ensured with a bow thruster for easier berthing and unberthing, auto-heeling control equipment for safe cargo handling, and a collision avoidance-assisting unit. The company is well known is producing high quality parts for cruise ships and the vessels are really amazing. Also some parts are already introduced in some yachts.

  Principal particulars:

L (o.a.) x L (b.p.) x B x D x d: 199.93m x 188.00m x 32.20m x 16.60m x 9.80m
DWT/GT: 33,100t/27,200
Main engine: Hitachi MAN B&W 7S70MC-C diesel x 1 unit
MCR: 21,735kW x 91rpm
NCR (90%): 19,560kW x 88rpm
Speed, service: about 22.2kt
Complement: 25
Classification: NK
Completion: Aug. 26, 2008


CSCL Houston   CSCL Houston